We Make It Simple For You

If you have considered getting your used car dealer license we are the only real choice to help you get there.

We have been teaching the California DMV Certified Dealer Education Class since 1998. DMV License CCC004

In the 25 years of teaching we have learned a few things.

First, most of our competition is looking to sell you product.

We sell no dealer product. No bonds, No insurance, No software.

Our classes contain no sales pitches during your training.

Second, most of our competition has never owned / operated a retail used car dealership.

We are licensed retail used car dealers and we have been operating a retail used car dealership since 1998.

We are licensed auto brokers.

We are licensed registration agents.

We are licensed VIN verification agents.

Third, none of our competition offers a used car dealer license support service division.

We assist thousands of California used car dealers in maintaining compliance with a variety of workshops & services.

No matter what kind of dealer license you wish to operate we have the knowledge & experience to help you get where you want to be.

We Are Different

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