montana license plates are a foolish mistake for california car collectors

Running montana license plates on any vehicle you operate in California is like waving a red flag in front of a bull if the bull is a CHP enforcement officer on patrol.

As retired law enforcement training officers & specialists in probable cause training we understand and advocate agressive pro active law enforcement. Why put yourself & your assets in harms way?

YES we agree there is a legal argument that allows an out of state LLC ( montana ) to own and operate a company vehicle in another state ( california ) without paying sales tax in the state of operation.


YES we agree following citation, chp towing & impound of your vehicle with a 30 day lockdown of your vehicle and a followup court hearing / trial you may win your legal argument and get to keep your montana license plates but

why work so hard ???

As a licensed wholesale california used car dealer you make the creation of your montana llc company and the issuance of montana license plates to your company car obsolete.

We are car dealer license advocates certified to teach car dealer school in california since 1998.

DMV Educator License CCC004.

Our founding fathers are all retired SFPD training officers with over 75 years of law enforcement management experience.

We can teach you how to legally avoid sales tax.

We can teach you how to create & maintain your own wholesale used car dealer license in california.

We can teach you how to report personal use on your dealer plates and how to run on regular california license plate if you choose to.

We have excellent credentials & can provide you a glimse of our client list.

Some of the most wealthy and discreet car collectors in california are clients of TriStar Motors LLC.

Is it time to add you to our client list?

Give us a call for a free consultation.


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